Dual Roller Blinds

Want to give your living room, office, or bedroom a clean look? Go for dual roller blinds. Window covering is one of the most important aspects of any room no matter what you choose. They give your room the privacy and add to the décor and ambiance of the room with their simple, sleek, and minimalist look.

Many people won’t choose dual roller blinds, but once they do, they cannot go back. Those who have installed these high-functioning coverings to their windows would tell you how happy they are with their purchasing decision.

What are dual roller blinds?  

Dual blind rollers are made of two rollers and each is made of a different fabric. Dual roller blinds are mounted on the same window. One is usually of sheer fabric to filter light and the other is to block it out. Dual roller blinds proffer you with plenty of combinations be it in the form of colors, patterns, thicknesses, or texture. You can select them to go with your room.

A dual bracket system is two blinds are mounted designed so that on one bracket. As two blinds take up more space, so the bracket is bigger in size.

Here’s why you should get double roller blinds for your home:

Ease of Use

Owing to the options that are available in operating systems, roller blinds are extremely convenient and easy to operate. You could get a spring-assisted, fully motorized, or a chain operable. You won’t have to reach for each of the blinds separately if you have motorized roller blinds or chain drive because this way, you can actually link a number of blinds together. This, way you can open and close multiple blinds simultaneously.


The first advantage of dual roller blinds is their flexibility. You have so many options to choose from. You can switch between transparent sunscreens to brighten up your room with natural light and enjoy the view outside or blackout blinds for total privacy.

There are tons of blockout and sunscreen fabrics to opt from. You can change the light levels in any room easily. Apart from that, there is a huge variety of colors that will add functionality to your window covering.


While choosing anything from your home, you would want a product that is durable. Same goes for window covering. Dual roller blinds are both flexible and durable at the same time. Durable steel rollers/tubes are used along with strong and high-quality fabrics so you can use them for a long time.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you are seeking a window covering with a simple look, dual roller blinds are ideal for you. They closely fit the window and feature a lot of excess fabric. With the variety of colors and fabrics you are available with, dual roller blinds add to the aesthetic appeal of your room.

At Blinds & Curtains, we have all kinds of window coverings and dual roller blinds for you with Blockout and Sunfilter fabrics mounted on a dual bracket. Take a look at our range.

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