Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetian Blinds – Classic, Sturdy, and Stylish

Window coverings, without a doubt, make for an integral part of a home’s décor. The right type of window coverings in the right patterns and colours can uplift the décor of a home and vice versa. Among different types of window coverings, timber venetian blinds are gaining popularity in Australia. They are classic, sturdy, and stylish; all these features make them an ideal choice for any type of setting.

Top Reasons to Choose Timber Venetian Blinds

Let’s have a look at some of the characteristics of timber venetian blinds that are helping them to become the top choice of people in Australia and the reasons you should select them:

Reasonable Rates

Undoubtedly the best part of buying timber venetian blinds is that they are easy on the budget. If you are looking to add an element of class and style to your home, you can opt for these blinds and get the desired result.

A Combination of Warmth and Style

Timber venetian blinds offer a unique blend of warmth and style. They can improve the décor of your home with their appealing look. Any style you want with these blinds in your home, you can have it. They are available in both modern painted colours and style finished with traditional stains.

Total Light and Privacy Control

Timber venetian blinds offer much more than uplifting the look of the room they are installed in. They have wide 50mm slats due to which they offer total light control. You can adjust them at any level and let the amount of light enter your room through the windows that you feel comfortable in. Furthermore, these blinds can also protect them from unwanted and annoying peeks and glares from the onlookers as they offer enhanced privacy control. All you have to do is to set them at the level you desire and no one from outside will be able to peek in.

In addition to that, these blinds are UV protected; hence, the harmful ultraviolet rays cannot enter your home.

Easy to Operate

While there are some blinds and curtains require quite an effort to be operated, same is not the case with timber venetian blinds. They are extremely easy to operate due to their push and pull cords.

Improve the Décor of any Environment

Timber Venetian Blinds can improve the décor of any type of environment with their classic and elegant look. This feature makes them suitable to be installed in both homes and offices.

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